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CD100 Crawler Drill


Key Features of Pneumatic Crawler Drill:


  • Air motor piston driven with rotary head with adequate torque.
  • Capable to drill holes of 105-115mm (4 1/8’’-4 ½’’) in diameter.
  • Available in drifter version capable to drill holes 48-64mm (1”- 7/8’’) in diameter with model MDS120F pneumatic drifter.


Mindrill CD100 Pneumatic Crawler Drill comes with 5hp air motor piston steered with piston driven rotary head with adequate torque while dealing with difficult formation. The machine is designed with both DTH drilling & Drifter drilling functionality.


Benefits of Crawler Drilling Rig:


CD100 Crawler Drilling Rig is applicable for all types of rocks (hard/soft). Its combined rotational movement helps to crush down the rocks in an efficient manner. Besides, this pneumatic rock drill is suitable to make horizontal holes in tunnel construction & mining.



Tramming speed 3.2 km/h 2mph
Traction force 17 kN 3821 lbf
Track oscilation ±20°
Ground clearance 225 mm 8.9″
Hill climbing ability 30° max (W/O compressor)


Steel Feed
Pneumatic -driven chain feed
Feed extension 750 mm 29.4″
Feed rate, max 0.3 m/s 59 ft/min
Feed force, max 21 kN 4720 lbf
Tractive pull, max 15 kN 3372 lbf
Total length 5130 mm 202″
Travel length 3565 mm 104.4″


Hydrulic oil tank 22 l 5.8 us gal
Hydrulic system, total 22 l 5.8 us gal
Traction gear 2 l 0.53 us gal
Lubrication tank (HECL) 7.6 l 2 us gal



Height and length
Tramming Position
Height 1720 mm 68″
Length 5120 mm 201 1/2″
Transportation Position
Height 2325 mm 91 1/2″
Length 5120 mm 201 1/2″
Width 1940 mm 76 1/2″



Standard unit excluding all options and drill steel
2690 kg 5930 lb



Pipe size Recommended hole range
76 mm 3″ 102-115 mm 4″ – 4 1/2″
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