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            Slim Drill LD4

The versatile Mindrill LD-4 Slim Drill is capable of drilling in both DTH & Top Hammer modes, making it ideal for drilling lead holes for diamond wire cutting of decorative marble, granite, etc. The Slim Drill is specially designed for precision drilling of matching
holes and is able to drill holes in both vertical and horizontal positions. A ball joint is provided at the bottom of the mast to facilitate precision alignment for matching holes. It is also equipped with one spike, two anchoring rods, and adjusting screws to maintain perfect rigidity during drilling. The drill is lightweight and can be easily dismantled into four sub-assemblies enhancing portability.


 Key Features:

• Capable of both DTH & Top Hammer modes
• Lightweight
• Portable
• Low maintenance cost
• Energy efficient
• Operator friendly
• Rigid
• Durable
• High productivity

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