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Simba Junior

                  Simba Junior Drilling Machine

Simba Junior Drilling Machine is a simple, one man operated rig, Specially design for underground mines, patterned to produce blast holes around 360 degrees. Hole patterns may be drilled vertically or inclined as required. The complete Simba Junior includes MDS 120F Drifter, complete Remote Control system, BSP-10 Drill Steel Support, BMS-46 Feed Beam and feed motor.


Benefits & Features


  • Rotation possibility of 360 Degree for easier Drilling at your desired angle.
  • Capable of Drilling up to length of 25 Mtr. with Hole Dia. Of 51 to 57 mm
  • Just takes approx. 4 minutes for drilling 1 meter.
  • Heavy Duty Pneumatically operated Rod Catcher
  • Inbuilt Oil Lubricator & control of oil flow.
  • Easy to Dismantle and move from one place to another
  • Equipped with remote control
Technical Specification
Metric Imperial
Diameter of hole 48-57 mm 1.88″ – 2.24″
Hole Depth 25 Mtr Max 82 ft
Hole direction same hole Verticaly upward & capable of doing same hole in 360° direction by help of graduated ring frame
Compatible drifter MDS120F
Air connection for drifter 38 mm 1.49″
Air connection for reverse / forward 12 mm 0.47″
Air connection for water flushing 20 mm 1/4″
Air connection for rod catcher 10 mm 0.39″
Air consumption 400 cfm 189 l/s
Air pressure 7 kg/cm2 99.4 psi
Net weight
Standard 1200 kg 2646 lb
Lateral 1500 kg 3307 lb
Dimensions 1780 X 1550 X 2600 (LXWXH) mm 70″ X 61″ X 102″
Column bar height
Closed 2200 mm 87″
Open 3700 mm 146″
Ring Size 1500 mm 59″
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