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S36IR rock drill

MD36IR Drifter Rock Drills


Mindrill’s MD36IR pneumatic drifter rock drill is a customer favourite with an independent rotation system. Apart from its precise build and premium quality rock drills S36IR rock drill drifter, there are several reasons behind this being the current market leader, like its high penetration rate, robust build, and low air consumption. Its powerful, independent gear type motor provide high torque for use in a wide variety of conditions. Its independent hammer and rotation mechanism allow for adjustments to ensure optimal settings for every situation, along with easy coupling and uncoupling of drill steels. Designed exclusively for remote controlled applications, the MD36IR pneumatic rock drill is mounted on feed systems and drill with a 144 mm diameter bore. For underground applications, the drill can be mounted on either screw or chain feed cradles and be used for development tunneling, fan hole, ring drilled blast holes, and long holes for water drainage. For surface jobs, it is the optimal choice for mounting on a track or wagon drill and is used for quarry benching, pre-splitting holes, and general purpose drilling. Rock drill drifters and rock drills drifter parts.Parts interchangeable with Boart Longyear S36IR.




Key Features Drifter S36IR Rock Drill


  • Internally distributed lubrication system using atomized oil to ensure long life
  • Market leading design
  • Ideal for mounting on feed control systems
  • Great return on investment
  • Premium quality raw materials and sharp build
  • Parts interchangeable with Boart Longyear S36IR


Part No. – 5113 104 000 Metric Imperial
Length 1015 mm 40”
Weight 150 kg 330 lb
Stroke Length 86 mm 3 3⁄8”
Impact Rate 1630 BPM
Air Consumption 233 l/s 494 cfm
Rotation Torque @ 215 RPM 320 N-m 236 ft-lbs
Bore Diameter 35 mm – 89 mm 1 3⁄8” – 3 1⁄2”
Max Reamed Diameter 127 mm 5”
Max Drilling Depth 46 m 150’
Air Connection 1 1⁄4” BSP
Rotation Motor 1” BSP
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