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s250 stoper drills

MST250 Stoper Drill

The MST250 Stoper Drill configuration helps miners to drill vertically upside-down with minimum effort and risk to ensure drilling in uncompromised orientations to maintain desired productivity. The stopper leg attachment does not affect the high penetration rate and still allows the drill to achieve high torque at low air pressures. The stoper leg configuration ensures the safety of the operator and increases the life of the drill simultaneously. The ergonomically designed stoper leg has a push button to retract the stoper leg and an adjustable motorcycle control feed.


Major cylinder components in the stoper leg have large areas of contact to reduce impact pressure which further enhances the drill life and continues to give a stable and high performance. The stoper leg comes with an option of a stainless-steel piston for a longer life by preventing corrosion and pitting. A 3-inch stainless steel leg cylinder is also available for increased push and for penetration through hard ground easily. They also come with a steel puller for collared steel standard.


Key Features:


• Balanced weight distribution for easy operator control
• Ergonomic controls for operator, with push button stoper leg retraction and motorcycle control    feed
• High penetration rate
• High torque
• Convenient operating controls
• Long life
• Comes with a locking steel puller
• Market leader in North & South American continents
• Parts interchangeable with Boart Longyear S250


Metric Imperial
Weight 42 kg 93 lb
Bore Diameter 80 mm 3 1⁄8”
Stroke Length 73 mm 2 7⁄8”
Impact Rate 2200 BPM
Air Consumption 82 l/s 175 cfm
Air Supply Hose ID 25 mm 1”
Water Supply Hose ID 13 mm 0.5”
Ordering Part Numbers:
22 mm X 108 mm (7/8”X4 1⁄4”) 511 148 000 22
25 mm X 108 mm (1”X4 1⁄4”) 511 148 000 25
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