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MPL504W Pusher Leg


The MPL504W is the undebatable choice when it comes to pusher legs for small applications. its basic and hassle-free design makes the operation intuitive and it takes no time for operators to get used to it, saving time and money. With a feed control knob positioned right at the operator’s fingertips, Pusher leg rock drills MPL504W makes the drilling operation much more manageable and under control. The large piston diameter accounts for high feed force whilst keeping the impact pressure low due to high surface area of contact, thus increasing machine productivity and product life.


Key Features Pusher Leg Rock Drills MPL504W 


  • Feed control at optimum position
  • Large piston diameter for high feed force and long product life
  • Intuitive, hassle-free usage
  • Simple and robust design
  • Low cost


Part No. – 5215 124 000 Metric Imperial
Weight 17 kg 37.5 lb
Piston Diameter 53 mm 2 1⁄8”
Feeding Length 1300 mm 51”
Length Extracted 3115 mm 122”
Length Retracted 1815 mm 71”
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