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MS250 Stoper Drill

Stoper Drill Manufacturer, Mindrill continues on its long history of providing premium Rock Drill
and Blast Drilling products for the most demanding conditions with the reinvented MS250 Stoper Drill.
MS250 is the global standard for high performance, premium benefits, long lasting reliability,
and the highest quality for hand held rock drills. MS250 is offered in three primary configurations,
Jackleg, Stoper, and Sinker, to provide maximum versatility.

Mindrill improves on MS250 history through using premium materials and component
which are assembled to strict quality standards in the world.


MS250 pneumatic rock drill is a high performance drill ideal for development and stoping
applications where high drilling speed is a primary requirement. MS250 size and versatility
allows for drilling in confined spaces and orientations. It is designed with an ideal power/
weight ratio to provide optimum balance between power, mass and vibration for maximum
productivity and fast penetration.


MS250 legendary performance and reliability delivers world class productivity with fast
penetration rates and minimal downtime. It provides maximum operator comfort and
minimizes fatigue by offering precise leg controls, lightweight design, and an optional
muffled version. The rugged design was developed for the most demanding conditions and
provides a durable, long lasting machine.




Metric Imperial
Weight 42 kg 93 lb
Bore Diameter 80 mm 3 1⁄8”
Stroke Length 73 mm 2 7⁄8”
Impact Rate 2200 BPM
Air Consumption 82 l/s 175 cfm
Air Supply Hose ID 25 mm 1”
Water Supply Hose ID 13 mm 0.5”
Ordering Part Numbers:
22 mm X 108 mm (7/8”X4 1⁄4”) 511 148 000 22
25 mm X 108 mm (1”X4 1⁄4”) 511 148 000 25
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