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Pusher Leg Jackhammer

M610 Pusher Leg Jackhammer 


The Mindrill M610 pusher leg jackhammer is ideal for blast hole drilling in narrow vein stoping operations, making it the industry standard in South Africa. The lightweight yet powerful M610 pneumatic air leg rock drill is ideal for drilling and maneuvering in low stoping height conditions.


Key features Pusher Leg Jackhammer:

• Weight: 21.5kg (47 lb)
• Shank Size: 159 x 22 mm (6 ¼ x 6/7”)
• Length: 460 mm(18⅛”)
• Stroke Length: 55 mm(2⅙”)
• Impact Rate: 2175 BPM
• Air Consumption @ 5 bar: 55 I/s(116.5 cfm)
• Noise reducer muffler
• Spring Retainer to reduce weight
• Efficient lubrication
• Low weight & high performance perfect for drilling in low stoping height conditions
• Can be used as Sinker with optional T-handle
• Can be used to install roof bolt
• Parts interchangeable with S215 drill

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