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Wagon Drill


Key features of MW1025 DTH Wagon Drill Machine:


• Outfitted with Pneumatic valve less DTH Hammers.
• Sturdy and reliable pneumatic rotation unit.
• Capable to drill holes of sizes from 105mm to 115mm.
• High Penetration rates.
• Low fuel consumption.

Mindrill MW1025 DTH Wagon Drill Machine is a powerful, highly productive and sturdy machine that comes with a pneumatic rotation unit for operator’s ease in selection of hole sizes from 105mm-115mm.



Benefits of MW1025 DTH Wagon Drill Machine:



MW1025 DTH Wagon Drill Machine comes with a high penetration rate. It is best fitted for bench drilling, anchor drilling, grout hole drilling etc.


Key features of MW1025TH Wagon Drill:



• Rugged three-wheeled chassis.
• Flexibility.
• Portable.
• Uses less air and provides all round performance.



Mindrill MW1025TH Wagon Rock Drill is a top-hammer version equipped with the MD120F pneumatic drifter. Use of drifter reduces air consumption, thereby increasing the overall performance.


Benefits of Pneumatic Wagon drill:


MW1025 Pneumatic Wagon Drill suitable for hole sizes ranging from 48mm to 76mm. It is best suited for quarrying, trenching and consolidation jobs.

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