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atlas copco bvb25dth

MW1025 Wagon Drill Machine


DTH Version


Equipped with pneumatic, valveless DTH hammers, the Mw1025 DTH is a powerful and highly productive wagon drill. its two major benefits are high penetration rates and low fuel consumption. Atlas copco bvb25dth, this drill has a sturdy and reliable pneumatic rotation unit, and can offer a selection of hole sizes from 105 mm to 115 mm. The MW1025DTH is ideal for bench drilling, anchor drilling, grout hole drilling, etc.


Top-Hammer Version


The MW1025TH is the top-hammer version equipped with MD120F pneumatic drifter which is simple and reliable. This drifter uses less air and delivers all round performance. Suitable for hole sizes ranging from 48 mm to 76 mm, the MW1025TH is the preferred choice for quarrying, trenching, and consolidation jobs.


Key Features

• Rugged chassis
• Rigid setup
• Flexibility
• Portable
• Parts are interchangeable with
Atlas Copco BVB25DTH




Top Hammer DTH
Weight 1270 kg 1350 kg
Drill Bit Dia 48-76 mm 105-115 mm
Rock Drill MD120F DTH Hammer
Ordering Part Number 5114 102 000 120 5114 102 000 004
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